It’s All Over

St. Louis wins 6-2, 11th World Series title.

By Cam Cain 10-29-11

Back in August, if anyone thought the Cardinals, at that point 10 1/2 games out of a playoff spot, would be your 2011 World Series champions; they would be deemed crazy. But they got hot, overtook the Braves in the Wild Card, beat the mighty Phillies and Brewers in the playoffs, and then were crowned Champions. A part of their success was, however, due to the National League winning the All-Star Game. Giving the Cardinals home field advantage against a team with a regular season record 6 games better than their own. Now is that fair? It is impossible to deny the hard work and hot hitting that got them here. Especially that of third baseman David Freese, winning series MVP. He hit .348 with 5 extra base hits, including a huge walk off home run in Game 6. Freese set the all time record for most RBI in a single postseason with 21, breaking Sandy Alomar Jr.’s 1997 mark of 19.

“He knows how to hit,” says Mark McGwire, “He’s got ice in his veins and I truly believe that’s god-given.”


This World Series will go down as one of the greatest ever. A back-and-forth seven games in which you never knew who was going to take home the Commissioner’s trophy.

“I’m trying to soak this all in,” says Freese, “It’s going to take me a little bit, I think, to realize what we’ve accomplished.”




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